Top 10 Favorite Weight Watchers Recipe Blogs

Top Blog Pick!

If you are anything like me, you LOVE a great, healthy, Weight Watchers recipe.  I enjoy trying new recipes that look good.  God did not give me the gift of coming up with my own recipes; therefore, I read other recipe blogs and make them if they look good.  Then, if they turn out to TASTE good, I share them with you.

Here are my top ten recipe blogs that I LOVE to read and try recipes from:

  1. My top number one pick is Gina’s Skinny Recipes – Gina is amazing.  She updates her blog at least a couple times a week if not daily and her recipes ROCK!  I have made several of them and they have all been awesome.  I even shared her chocolate cupcake recipe with you.  She is also on Facebook as well as her blog!  Check her out and let her know I sent you!
  2. My second favorite is Dashing Dish – Katie is an amazing woman of God whom I have gotten to know in the blog world.  What I love about her recipes is she does not use real sugar and usually does not use real flour.  She finds alternatives so all of her recipes are healthy alternatives.  You must check out her blog!
  3. I recently discovered Emily Bites – Emily’s recipes kick a**.  I love, love, love her recipes.  I have shared her taco cupcakes with you.  These are one of my most favorite healthy recipes ever.  Please, please, please check out her blog!
  4. My next top recipe site is Danica’s Daily – Her blog is so much more than a recipe blog.  I love to read her posts as well as her recipes.  She is a fellow Weight Watcher and has tons of helpful tips and food things she likes to eat.  Her latest recipe for pumpkin pie bites looks amazing.  Check it out!
  5. LaaLoosh is a fun Weight Watchers recipe blog site also! She does yummy recipes as well as reviews of food products.  She also has an index on the side of her site for easy navigation.
  6. Check out Skinny Kitchen – Skinny kitchen was started by a well known chef in the California area.  She has a great index where you can easily find recipes.  Each post has either a food fact, healthy benefits of the recipes, shopping tip, alternatives for vegetarians and finally a fat fact and a skinny fact comparing her recipe to a more popular one full of fat and calories.
  7. 3 Fat Chicks – This is a new find for me and I am so glad I did!  There are over 950 recipes all categorized neatly in an index on the right hand side.  After choosing the category, then you get to view the name of the recipe as well as how many stars (eggs) people have rated the recipe.  The only down side to this one is that it is the old Weight Watchers points.  They do give you ALL the nutritional information so it is easy to calculate the new points.  Great find!
  8. Hungry Girl – If you haven’t heard of hungry girl, you are really missing out.  She is awesome and gives healthy swaps to our favorite foods.  She now has a television show on Cooking Channel and I get so excited when I see she has a new show on.  I have made her brownie muffins and they were amazing!
  9. Nutmeg Notebook –  This website is my newest find and I am so glad that I did.  Her recipes look so yummy and she gives lots of tips too!  She  gives all the nutrition information at the bottom of each recipe with the Weight Watchers points plus!  What a find!  I can’t wait to try some of these yummy recipes!
  10. Shannon’s Kitchen Creations – Shannon is a mom that gives Weight Watchers recipes with points values.  Her recipes look yummy and I can’t wait to try them.

I hope you will check out these blogs and tell them that I sent you!  They are all awesome bloggers that can help us keep our eyes on our goals through our mouths!

What is your favorite Weight Watcher recipe blog?  Have you tried any recipes from these blogs?  If yes, please share and tell your thoughts so we can all try some new, yummy recipes!

  • Shgarrett01

    Lauren’s Menu is a blog by one of my friends who lives in Cumming, GA…has all the WW+

    • Jennifer

      Thanks for the recommendation. I will check it out!

    • hey fernando pereira

      Very beautiful blog amazing work this recipe is very good
      taco cupcakes thanks check my site too.

    • Sabrina

      Thanks for posting this – her recipes look amazing!

  • Tami@Nutmegnotebook

    Thank you for the shout out! I am honored to be in such good company with all of these wonderful bloggers.

    • Jennifer

      You are welcome…keep on helping others with healthy recipes.

  • Kaara De Freitas-Kiddoe

    This is a wonderful post! Thanks for the info…I just discovered your blog through Dashing Dish – which I also discovered today! Yaay to health!!

    • Jennifer

      Yeah! So glad you found both of us!

  • Kristin

    Love this! I bookmarked every single blog for quick and easy access. :)

    • Jennifer

      Yeah! I’m so glad!

  • Shannon Schmitz Demi

    thanks for the shout out! Glad you found my sIte :)))

    • Jennifer

      I love it! Keep the yummy recipes coming!

  • dashing dish

    Thank you so much for the kind words Jennifer! I have to say you are an amazing woman of God yourself! :)

    • Jennifer

      Thank you Katie! Love!

  • Emily Bites

    Thanks for sharing my blog and for your nice words, Jennifer! Glad the taco cupcakes were a hit. :)

    • Jennifer

      Love them! Thanks for all your recipes Emily!

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  • Samantha Twitty

    I love Gina’s blog, LaaLoosh, Skinny Kitchen and my other favorite is She does a Friday Five blog that has great ideas!

    • Jennifer Swafford

      Ooooohhh…I will have to check that one out! Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Nancy Fox

    Thanks so much for including my site, Skinny Kitchen in your list. I’m so happy and very flattered.
    Wishing you all the very best.

    • Jennifer Swafford

      Thanks Nancy! Keep posting great recipes with great tips!

      • Nancy Fox

        Thanks Jennifer!

  • Renee P

    Great list!  I love several of these blogs and have made many of their wonderful recipes.  I also have a food blog featuring ww points you might be interested in checking out!

    • Jennifer Swafford

      Thanks for letting me know! I will check it out!

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  • Angela Brassinga

    These are great, thanks. Do you know any WW sites that inspire exercise?  That’s the hard part for me.

    • Jennifer Swafford

      I will have to find some and do a post on that. Thanks for asking and stay tuned.

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  • Shiny Penny

    This is fantastic!

    • Jennifer Swafford


  • Christina Knighton

    Good for you, I joined 3 months ago and have lost 19 pds so far. I’m going on a 5K tomorrow and hope I can make it. Love the info you have put out. Thanks. Christina K.

  • Samantha Simcik

    Love Emily Bites, Gina’s Skinny, and Skinny Kitchen!!!  Thanks for these resources!

    I am a picky eater (but LOVE to eat junk food! haha) and just cooking for two so I tend to edit a lot of recipes to cook for two and be a little more plain.  I am following the new points plus and all recipes have points+ values.  You can check them out at

    • Jennifer Swafford

      Thanks! Cute blog and those banana bites look to die for! Great tip!

  • Reluctant WW Foodie

    I follow most of those blogs already! I wanted to throw mine into the bowl… gotta put it out there, right? It’s WW-oriented and I post mostly recipes with PP breakdowns by ingredient.

  • rpaaswell

    has anyone tried the weight watchers pie dough recipe in the cookbook? I know pie dough; this one looks too light on fat (of course). Does it hold together? Tough? Tender? Flaky?

  • suzi s

    I have recently started Weight Watchers simply filling technique! So far it’s great.


    Hi Jennifer, Thank you for sharing with us your top 10 favourites weight watchers recipes blogs. I looked at them and they are great! I also have created a new blog with weight watchers recipes you might be interested to have a look at it. My blog is called

  • amrito55


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  • YarnZen

    Thanks for this list! It’s a great place to start finding WW blogs/recipes/inspiration :) My site is and I’ve been doing WW for less than a month. :)

  • Gina

    I just stumbled on your post, thanks for sharing my blog, so flattered!


    I will visit these blogs. So far my favorite WW recipe blog is Skinny Taste. I’ve tried quite a few recipes and they are all so delicious and healthy. I even tried my taste at the Skinny Tropical Green Smoothie and to my surprise I LOVED it!!!! Have made it many times!

  • pamhousewivesoffrederickcounty

    Great list! I’ve subscribed to all of them. Can’t get enough WW recipes. Thank you!

  • Easy Chicken Everywhere

    I’m a guy and I like “Hungry Girl”. Very readable and doable recipes in that series.


    I’ve seen “Easy Chicken Everywhere!” (have you?)

  • Sabrina

    Thanks for this! I’ve been looking for a few other options because I pretty much am obsessed with Gina (SkinnyTaste) and have made every recipe my boyfriend would eat. I do have to say that I’ve tried a couple of the LaaLoosh recipes and they all have been HORRIBLE. After reading the reviews under each recipe most of them are negative. I definitely will never use that site again.

  • Jordan

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