Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake – Recipe

It’s just that time of year.  Pumpkin this.  Pumpkin that.  I mean, it is Thanksgiving after all!

After my run the other day, I thought, “Hey!  Why not whip up a pumpkin pie protein shake!”

Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake

I had canned pumpkin in my pantry so I thought I would give it a go.  After a few trial and errors, I got the perfect combination of pumpkin,  spice and everything nice.

Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake

Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake

Serves:  1

Weight Watchers Points Plus:  5 points plus (if you DO NOT count the pumpkin – 6 if you do!)


1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder (I used Designer Whey)

1 cup lowfat milk (could use any kind of milk – adjust Weight Watchers points accordingly)

1 Tablespoon Fat Free/Sugar Free Cheesecake Pudding Powder

3 Tablespoons Canned Pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie filling)

1/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

Handful of Ice


Put milk, protein powder, pudding powder, pumpkin pie spice and canned pumpkin in a blender.

Blend until combined.  Add ice and blend until smooth.  Enjoy!

**Optional – Top with a dollop of fat free cool whip and a sprinkle of lowfat graham cracker crumbs.

Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake Recipe

Close your eyes and you will swear that you are drinking a piece of pumpkin pie.  It is so yummy!  Enjoy!

What is your favorite protein shake?

  • http://www.facebook.com/doris.cooley Doris Cooley

    Why would you count the pumpkin? eTools says a whole cup is 0. Did I miss something?

    • http://www.itsuxtobefat.com Jennifer Swafford

      Great question Doris – Weight Watchers feels that if you add fruits and vegetables into a RECIPE, you should count the points plus value. It is up to ones individual discretion. If the vegetable, like this one, is added but not changed, I tend to NOT count it. If you were cooking them in say a casserole, then they advise counting the points. It is completely up to you! Thanks for asking!

  • http://dareesinsights.wordpress.com Daree

    I can’t wait to try this. I have organic canned pumpkin that I haven’t used yet.

    My fave smoothie is peanut butter, cocoa powder, sweetener, almond milk, and a frozen banana. Sometimes I add plain yogurt.

  • lisa price

    Going to have to try this looks awesome!

  • angelahoneyishrunkthemom

    I can’t wait to try this! Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Jodi

    What is cheese cake pudding powder ? I have a funny feeling it will not be available in Canada…..oh well another reason to make a trip south :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/Destinys26 Katie Worrall

      cheesecake pudding powder is just regular pudding mix that you mix with milk to make pudding they have all kinds of different flavors

  • Ida Mollett

    Yummy! I am trying to have protein shakes in the morning this is great! I use HerbaLife protein shakes: I take two scoops of mocha protein, 1 banana, handful of frozen blueberries and a tablespoon
    of peanut butter.