Cruise in Cozumel

I just got back from a cruise on Sunday night. We went for my husband’s brother’s honeymoon. I got to spend the week with my husband, getting to know … Continue reading >>

Treat Yourself


Are you on a weight loss journey? Are you trying to maintain your weight loss? Do you ever find yourself stalled out and having a hard time … Continue reading >>

Chobani Greek Yogurt – Review

Chobani Greek Yogurt

I first heard about Chobani Greek yogurt from a colleague who would eat it every day at lunch time. She said it was like her dessert. What?!? A … Continue reading >>

Two is Better than One

Me and Jason

Have you ever tried to do something really hard all by yourself and it just doesn't happen? Then, when you decide to talk to someone and ask for help, … Continue reading >>

Weight Watchers Success Night – Review

Weight Watcher Success Story

 On Monday night I had the rare privilege of being involved in success night at Weight Watchers. This night was open to everyone currently involved … Continue reading >>

Even Kids Know…

Skills Tutor Avatar

 Even kids know it sux to be fat. At work lately, I have been showing a new program, Skills Tutor, to my students on the computer. In this program, … Continue reading >>

Waiting for You


What is your destiny?  It is waiting for you. The best part is, you get to choose it.  It is a CHOICE.  I decided two years and almost four months … Continue reading >>

Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Crisps – Review

Brothers Apple Crisps

While shopping at Costco last week, I noticed a big box of Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Crisps.  In this particular box were three flavors.  It came … Continue reading >>

Don’t Take It For Granted

Fat or Thin in an airplane seat

This post is mostly for women.  Fat or skinny...doesn't matter.  Men might relate to some of these things but since I am a woman, I can only speak for … Continue reading >>

Not Perfect

A Real Girl

No, I am not perfect. I have certainly proven that in the past few weeks with my diet and exercise.  One might say I had "fallen off the wagon."  That … Continue reading >>