National Can-It Forward Day – Giveaway [Closed - Winner Announced]

With summer in peak season right now, it is time to preserve your fruits and veggies so you can eat them in the winter months just as fresh as you can today!

My mom always canned growing up.  I can remember the homemade pickles and preserves and green beans in our basement.  She was always super conscious of our health!  So, when the Ball company asked me to participate in their National Can-It Forward Day to help educate others on how easy canning is, I jumped at the chance!

Using the Ball home canning kit, it was super easy to can veggies and jellies to use later.  Here is the kit that was sent:

Ball Home Canning Discovery Kit

It came with everything that I needed in order to can fresh fruits and veggies.  See how easy it is?

Ball Home Canning Kit

Just imagine opening canned fruits and vegetables in the winter that you canned yourself!  Talk about feeling good about your choices!

I am stoked to try to make some homemade salsa with home grown tomatoes!

For now, I decided to use some fresh fruit that I had and make some homemade jam.

Ball Homemade Jam

I made peach:

Ball Homemade Peach Jam

And of course Strawberry:

Ball Homemade Jam

My nephew said it was the best strawberry jelly he had ever had!  And I felt good because I knew the ingredients that went into that jar!

Ball brand makes homemade jam and jelly super easy with their jam and jelly maker!

Jam and Jelly Maker

Not only did they want to show me how easy it was to can, but they also want to show people across America.

The Ball brand is committed to helping others learn just how easy it is to can and is hosting a third annual National Can-It-Forward Day on Saturday, August 17.  National Can-It-Forward Day allows home cooks to connect via a national circuit of canning parties and social media activities. New and experienced canners can participate in a live webcast of canning demos where viewer questions will be answered in real-time.  This year, they are even going to have a Food Network star, Ted Allen live on site demoing his favorite canning recipes for YOU!

The National Can-It-Forward Day webcast will begin at 10am EST on August 17th live from Union Square Greenmarket in NYC.   You can participate in the live webcast of canning demos and ask questions that will be answered in real-time! There will also be additional giveaways from the Ball brand offered for those who are tuned in.  If you are on Twitter, join in the conversation, LIVE on 8/17 using the hashtag #canitforward.

To learn all about how to participate in Can-It-Forward Day go to Fresh Preserving!

Want to do some canning for yourself?  Well, the Ball brand has two fabulous giveaways you can enter to win some awesome prizes!

For you, my readers, Ball is giving away these fabulous things:

  • The Ball Canning Discovery Kit
  • The Ball Blue Book Guide To Preserving
  • One coupon for a free case of Ball brand canning jars

Blue Book Guide to Preserving

To enter, just leave a comment on this post telling me what vegetable you will be canning first if you win!

CONGRATULATIONS KAREN PRICE! You are the winner. Please email me at with your complete mailing address!

Another way you can win a GRAND prize is by following Ball Canning on Pinterest, pinning an image with the hashtag #canitforward onto one of your own boards (please re-pin one of my pins!) and then email your pin to to complete the entry process.  You just might win a $500 gift card to!  Four runners up will receive a Ball branded package including a Ball Blue Book, Canning Discovery Kit and Case of Heritage Collection Jars. Check these out:

Heritage Collection Jar

So start Pinning to win and see just how easy it is to can!

I hope you will all participate in the National Can-It Forward Day on Saturday to see just how easy it is to can!

Want more information?  You can find the Ball brand here on FacebookTwitterPinterest and their online retailer at

Ball brand compensated me for my post with free products.  As always, all opinions expressed are my own!

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  • Deanna Kieliszek

    definitely tomatoes

  • Cindy R

    Tomatoes for soup & salsa

  • P W

    Cucumbers will be first.

  • Brandy Roper Varvel

    Cucumbers…I want some fresh pickles!!

  • Angie W

    I so want to learn to can. I will be trying my hand at banana peppers first.

  • Regina Blue

    I love pickles and fresh jams however I would love to learn how to do other foods!

  • Melinda

    I would be canning jam…our berry bushes went CRAZY this year!

  • codorey

    I’m going to can some pickles. We can never have enough.

  • Leslie Edwards

    One of my fondest childhood memories is my mom’s homemade strawberry jelly, so I would try making that first.

  • Danielle Burrows Reed

    I want to try sweet potatoes!

  • Elizabeth

    I would like to can some salsa! That sounds so good :)

  • Lisa Chase

    first thing I’ll be canning is corn salsa

  • Renee Robertson

    Tomatoes for sure!

  • Jenna Wheeler

    The first thing I would be canning is Green Beans! Tomatoes would be a very close second, though!

  • Kelley Moyer

    My husband loves green beans, store bought or not. I prefer home canned so I would love to learn how to do them myself. My granny and nana used to can the best green beans.

  • Tessa

    I am canning green beans and applesauce.

  • Elizabeth Aristeguieta

    I want yo win so I can can tomatoes and have them all winter long!

  • Ashley

    I plan to make bread and butter pickles, using my great grandmother’s recipe.

  • Christi Frohreich

    First thing I need to make is Black Bean & Corn Salsa. Oh can’t wait!

  • Paulie Hetzel

    Pickled asparagus!

  • Elissa Makarowitz

    String beans!

  • Sue h


  • ann

    Peaches! Garden fresh tomatoes!

  • Suzan from NJ

    green tomatoes–will make relish! I have a ton in my garden

  • Sara S.

    Tomatoes – yummy!

  • Sarah Newton

    If I win, the first vegetable I’ll be canning is stewed zucchini! Yum!

  • Lori Reichmann Connors

    I would love to try to can peach jam. I have made strawberry freezer jam before and it is so awesome!

  • Deborah Diamond

    I would make my own orange marmalade and can it! Love your blog!

  • Mekiho

    My mom used to can fruits when In was little. I loved it! But she used a lot of sugar, which made canning not too healthy for us, I guess. I like your tips!

  • Heather Norris Crayosky

    Definitely Green Beans!! I am loaded with them right now. :o)

  • Cassy

    I haven’t canned since my childhood days in 4-H, but there is nothing better than homemade pickles! I will definitely be cukecanning!

  • Jessica S

    We have lots of tomato in our garden right now, so we’ll be canning those!

  • Karen D

    Dilly beans for me!

  • kmcm1

    Salsa! Mmmmmmmm……

  • lisa price


  • Alyshia

    Tomatoes first !



  • Natasha

    I would probably start with a strawberry jam or a jalapeno jelly!

  • Nicole Krahn

    I would can green beans. I miss mom’s dilly beans!

  • john hutchens

    I will be canning tomatoes first

  • Sandra Beecher

    Green beans – my girls’ favorite vegetable!

  • Shari Eidsmoe O’Connor

    It would have to be pickles or pears.

  • Jeffrey Lammers

    I would love to transform my cucumbers into pickles and peppers!

  • AnnaZed

    Tomatoes, tomatoes and more tomatoes – whole, salsa, pickled, sauce – you name it.

    margueritecore [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Bethany Fortier

    Pickled yellow squash! Yummy….or and some takuno – awesome pickled radishes

  • Blessie Nelson

    I am going to can raw mangoes and garlic in it if I win!

  • Karen T.

    I’m going to can some okra!

  • Tracy

    I’d like to can some jalapeno/fruit jam….maybe cherries or peaches?

  • Monica Jones

    Homemade salsa!

  • Karen Price

    If I win I would can my many varieties of garden tomatoes!

    • Jennifer Swafford

      Congratulations! You won! Email me with your complete mailing address!

  • Noreen


  • Kim G

    Fruit jams!

  • Meredith Cardenas

    I have a ton of frozen berries that I just made into mixed berry jam. I made spicy green bean pickles and pickled beets yesterday. I went to a canning class at a farm co-op a few weeks ago and am using every pot and pan that I have to water seal. Would love that canning cook book!