The CrossFit Meeting that Scared Me

Ok people…I am officially scared and I am not sure why.

Let me explain.

Saturday I had a meeting with an owner of Crossfit gym that happens to be a parent at my school.

A little Crossfit background – I have heard mostly about it from other blogs I read and also from my brother. Everyone who has done it, loves it!

It is a workout that works out your whole body and does lots of different exercises (so there is no boredom). It is competitive…hello, me and like I said, everyone I know of that has tried it, LOVES it!

I found this video on Youtube that explains it pretty well!  Check it out:

Doesn’t that make you want to join?

My husband and I have wanted to try it but could not afford it right now.

So, when the owner of a local Crossfit, L.P., contacted me and asked if I would meet with him to discuss a partnership, I jumped at the chance.

He is a very knowledgeable man who knows his stuff in regards to nutrition and proper exercise. He went over a Wellness plan for me to present to the staff at our school that looked amazing. Totally different than past weight loss competitions. Hence the term- WELLNESS. It is all about getting your body well and healthy. I will be presenting this to the staff in the next few weeks and will keep you posted on their response.

Then, the interesting part hit. He wants me to follow a strict workout/eating regime (still in line with Weight Watchers, just very clean eating…) and he wants to monitor my progress. He wants to help me lose these last 30ish pounds I have been struggling with for the last few years.

He wants to help me succeed and to be brutally honest…


If We Wait Until Were Ready well be waiting for the rest of our lives

Of course, I tell my therapist mother that I am scared and she wants to analyze my feelings (I LOVE that about her, btw!) and when I really think about WHY I am scared, I didn’t really have an answer for her.

I am not sure why it scares me.

Is it the possibility of actually getting to goal? Maybe

Is it the possibility of losing readers when I am skinny? Yes.

Is it the idea of a totally new workout routine (Crossfit) that intimidates me? Abso-freakin’-lutely!

Is it the idea of having a stranger- that is not necessarily a stranger because he is a parent at my school-hold me accountable? Yes!

Is it the idea that I have to come out of my comfort zone and do something I am not familiar with? Yes!

Is it all of the above? Absolutely!

On the other hand…

Am I going to do it? Yes!

Do I know when? Not yet.  I have to figure out some times and things with my full time job, part time tutoring job and part time blog.  Plus I have a dog at home that has to be let out sometime!

Will I be successful? Absolutely.

Am I scared sh*tless? Yep!

Stay tuned for all the great details. I am still trying to figure out logistically if/how it will all work out and even though I am scared, I am excited too!

Have you ever done a Crossfit workout? If so, what do you think of it?


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  • Emily Russell

    You won’t ever lose us :)

    • Jennifer Swafford

      Thank you Emily! I’m so thankful for readers like you!

  • Staci Moize

    Hmmmm…. you just made me realize I have 137 followers because I’m fat. ROFL This sounds like something that would scare me, too, but it sounds GREAT! Go girl!

  • greycoral

    My sister in law is a Crossfit fanatic and convinced me to try. I am out of shape and overweight and I gave it a go. I only lasted about a month…I liked the challenge and I liked the different style of workouts, but the soreness was something I could not deal with. I was brought to tears sitting down to go pee because my quads were so sore! I quit because I was tired of hurting. It never went away for me. Couple months later I found out I had fractured a sesamoid bone in my foot. The only strenuous activity I had done was crossfit, so that’s what did it. Unfortunately for me, I waited too long and now have a non-union fracture in my foot and deal with pain every day. Crossfit is intense, so exercise carefully!

  • Jane

    See, THIS is the kind of blog post I love. YOUR journey to wellness. The success stories of other people are okay, though they are not the reason I read this blog. The Valentine’s review is okay. But Jen – GIVE US MORE POSTS LIKE THIS, like you used to! We care about YOU, YOUR journey to wellness, and the struggles and celebrations that go with it!

    I’m proud of you, lady! I’m facing some fears too, but you know what? Gotta face them and forge ahead. I want to be healthy. SO I will “feel the fear and do it anyway.” And you should too, especially with this opportunity – many of us would LOVE to have a free food plan/workout motivator, and this man is handing it to you on a silver platter. Make time! you’re worth it (though as an animal lover I get the worry about your dog – definitely make sure he is taken care of and happy in the process. ;) )


    • Jane

      PS – logistically, just make it happen. Try it for 30 days and if you can’t juggle everything, THEN you can decide if it is the thing you wish to cut from your life or if you can’t live without it.

    • Jennifer Swafford

      THANK YOU Jane for your honesty. I have had a hard time lately on my journey and have been hesitant to open up because I am embarrassed. You have encouraged me to continue to open up and not be negligent to all of the readers out there that can benefit from my mistakes (And there have been many lately!). I am certainly going to take advantage of this opportunity! I am going to make it work! THANK YOU again! I am so thankful for readers like you!

      • Jane

        We’re thankful you’re willing to share with us! And don’t ever be embarrassed with your blog peeps – we have all struggled, we have all made mistakes, and we can all relate to you because we can see pieces of your journey in our own. We’re here to cheer you on!

        You’re doing fantastic!!

        • Allison

          Agreed! Never be ashamed. It’s a journey!

  • Ferreh Hiatt

    Go for it girl! We’ll still be here for you no matter what. I’ve wanted to do CrossFit for over a year and there really hasn’t been any gyms within an hour drive for me. But you’ve inspired me to look into it again and see if I can find a local gym that might have popped up.

  • Traci Jaggars Ellison

    Traci E.
    I started doing CrossFit 4 months ago and I absolutely do love it. However, the soreness is intense. It does get better but never really goes away. I am 48 years old and I am almost the oldest one there. Lol My son (19) goes with me and he is extremely athletic. He is stronger and much faster…. but I am right there with him. You are going to love what it does for your body. In four months, my running is much better and I lift a lot more weight then I did when I started and I am a lot more flexible. Go for it! I love your blog by the way….

  • ellen

    I LOVE Crossfit! Yes, super intense and you will be SO sore, like an intense and painful sore you’ve probably never had, but if you can get through about 6 weeks of it, your muscles will let up. The best part…the weight will melt off. Not many people get the chance to do this opportunity you’ve been given for free, and there’s really no price you could put on it. You are very blessed. Just make it work and you will be so thankful you did!

  • Anne

    My husband has been doing Crossfit for about a year – and loves it! He has heard a lot about Paleo eating while he is there. I am also doing weight watchers, but have also tried to incorporate some of the principals of Paleo – protein, clean eating, etc. I would love to hear more about the diet the trainer is suggesting. I have enjoyed WW, but am trying to minimized/cut out the sugars, breads and processed foods on my own. Could you share more? Thanks!

    • Jennifer Swafford

      Anne-As soon as I get more information and get the hang of the diet, I will be more than happy to share it with you. I haven’t really gotten fully into it yet so I am still trying to figure it out myself! I will keep you posted though!

  • Frank

    Hi Jennifer, I have never tried one yet, would like to in the future when I get back to the U.S. but I have a good friend who started a few years ago & does it regularly. The workouts are brutal & she’s had amazing results…you will do great, good luck! that fear or intimidation is totally normal…Frank

    • Jennifer Swafford

      Thank you Frank! I am excited to get started!

      • Frank

        Hi Jennifer, I’m looking forward to hearing your input on it! Have a great weekend! Frank

  • Tortuga4

    The first time I did “crossfit like” activities I lasted about 10 minutes before I almost passed out. I did it as part of personal training I started at the gym back in October. Now I do it with my trainer 30 minutes a day twice a week. It really is a confidence booster. I don’t love it when I’m doing it but just like any exercise I like the results. Be like Nike and just do it!

  • ylehring

    Go for it. I started Crossfit about 6 months ago at age 61. I was pretty sure they were trying to kill me. But, I survived. I had to modify portions of the workout to my abilities and I had to take quick 10 second breaks on a regular basis but I kept going – always – to the end. I look better than I have in years. Quit looking at the scales. How you feel is more important.