Mixing it Up – An Adventure in Exercise

I have now participated in so many 5K’s that I’ve lost count, and I have the t-shirts to prove it! Never did I think that 60 pounds ago, I would be seeking out 5K’s, but here I am! In order to keep myself motivated, I find one 5K to walk or run/walk every month. It’s a great way to keep me walking at a good speed, and it ensures that I’ll get in some great activity. If Jacynta does not have a 5K planned for her Sparkle a New You clients, then I find one that is in my community or in the metro-Atlanta area. I like to participate in 5K’s that are beneficial to the kids in the community or help to support a good cause.

On August 15, I walked in The Forum’s Light Up the Corners Glow Run which was a 4 mile race/walk which is a little bit longer than a 5K. The proceeds went to benefit the Robert D. Fowler YMCA’s WHY IT MATTERS campaign which helps adults and kids in the community lead active, healthy lives.

The coolest thing about this race is that it’s at night! Everyone wears their glow-in-the-dark accessories, and it’s just so neat to see everyone. There were glow-in-the-dark neck ties, shoe laces, rings, face paint, and head bands! The race started at 9:00 p.m. Since the 4 mile route was around the Forum, a large shopping area in Peachtree Corners, many families sat outside or stood at the end of their driveway to cheer us on as we all walked and ran by.

Karen and Angela at the Glow Run

I had a lot of fun at this race! This was my second year doing it, and this year was so much better than last year. First of all, it just felt easier! Sure, the weather was great with a slight breeze, but I am in much better shape that I was even a year ago. I will definitely do this race again next year! I love that it’s at night, involves the community, and is super fun!

Glow Run Atlanta 2014

The next 5K/10K that Jacynta has scheduled for her Sparkle a New You clients is Labor Day weekend. Many of her clients, including myself, are walking in Johnson Ferry Baptist’s Holy Smoke 5K to help benefit Predisan Health Ministries in Honduras. My mom and sister are doing this 5K with me, and I’m excited about it being our first family 5K! Jacynta is proud that I’m spreading the Sparkle!

Jacynta knows that we cannot always run or walk in a race. She pushes us out of our comfort zone by introducing us to new types of exercise. One of Jacynta’s core values is that losing weight and keeping it off is fun. The only way that it’s going to be fun is if you try new activities and new foods, you challenge yourself to try something new, and you figure out what you like and don’t like. During the month of August, Korsi Yoga in Roswell, GA was Lululemon’s Studio of the Month. I had never tried hot yoga before, and when Jacynta suggested a Sunday class, I was totally in! Hot yoga is practiced in a heated room, and let me tell you, it’s HOT! I was pouring sweat. Thank goodness I had a towel to wipe myself off. But I walked out of there feeling great! I have always loved yoga, and its calming and restorative effects. Lately though I have been doing more cardio, and yoga is absolutely a hard work out. If anyone tells you differently, they are lying! Since I’ve been walking and jogging so much, my hips and hamstrings have been so tight, but by the end of the class, I felt loose, relaxed, and energized all in one. This hot yoga was amazing! I recommend you give it a shot. I have been telling my friends and co-workers about it because I will definitely be going back for more!

Jacynta and the owner of Korsi Yoga in Atlanta

The next weekend Jacynta invited her clients to boot camp. Class was Saturday morning at 8:30, and I thought, “This will be okay. A good work out. And then I will run some errands.” Whew! Heidi Morris, the instructor, put us through the ringer! But definitely in a good way! Heidi is a trainer whose company Boot Camp In the Park  meets in various locations around East Cobb in the metro-Atlanta area. Heidi gave us some tips about increasing our metabolism—something everyone wants to know how to do!

Sparkle Clients at Boot Camp

Boot Camp in the ParkHeidi’s 5 Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

1. Strength training! Lower body burns more than upper body exercises.

2. Kick up your workout! Increase the intensity of your workout by going hard for 30 seconds occasionally.

3. Enjoy the after burn! Your body is burning more calories than it would even after you’ve finished exercising.

4. Get started in the morning! Eat breakfast.

5. Don’t slash those calories! Protein is key.

Heidi had us use small hand weights, do ab exercises on a mat, and run and skip to incorporate cardio as well as have us do sprints along the paved path in the park. I liked that she was there to tell me what to do next. Sometimes it’s hard for me to motivate myself, but she did an excellent job of keeping the class fun, moving from one activity to another, and still getting in a great work out. I was surprised when she said it was time to go! I really enjoyed it, and I will definitely be going back!

I am so glad Jacynta encourages her Sparkle a New You clients to vary their exercises to keep it fresh and new. If you find yourself bored of walking or riding that stationary bike, get out and try something new! If you’ve tried something cool and want to share, please leave a comment below.

Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it.

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