Love to Exercise?!?

Last night was our first “real” workout with our trainer, Larry.

I was pumped!

I am just so ready to lose this weight, get in shape and give it my all.

I had no idea what to expect which is both fun and really hard for me.  For all you out there who are also Type A personalities, you know what I mean.  We like to be in control but sometimes it is fun to be surprised.

So, we got to the workout and I was so happy to be there.  I actually don’t remember a time I was more excited about working out.

You see, running for me was never fun.  I would actually dread it.  Even walking, I would dread.  The only time I didn’t dread a walk was when my husband was with me.   We used to have really good talks when we would go on walks together.  However, if I was walking or running alone, I did not really enjoy it.  Of course, I would always FEEL good when I was done, but I cannot say that I actually enjoyed the activity itself. The only time I enjoyed running was when I crossed the finish line of any race.

Well…I actually enjoyed last night’s workout!!

Did I enjoy the pain I felt in my thighs doing MORE squats when I was already so sore from Monday night?  Not particularly.  But…I did enjoy all the weight training and I learned that I LOVE rowing.  I have never rowed before and that is right up my alley.

I am enjoying learning all the ins and outs of weight training.  I am enjoying learning technique, how and why you do things correctly.

I love having someone there to correct me and tell me how to do it the right way and say, “Toes up, heals down…toes up, heals down!”  I mean, he was even seeing my toes moving in my shoes and knew which muscles I was using that I should not have been using.  That is so awesome to me!

The cool thing is, after all that working out, I am LESS sore today than I was yesterday!  Something about working out even when you are sore helps the soreness.  Who knew?!?

Today, as I was on my way home from work, I actually was excited to go back to workout again on Saturday and was disappointed I couldn’t go before then.

Who am I?!?

I love that my husband and I are doing this together.  I love that we are being given this opportunity.  I love that Larry knows his sh*t when it comes to working out.  I love that I have someone to teach me HOW to do things.  I love that God has totally given us this opportunity.

I have never been one to tell someone to go out and get a personal trainer.  I thought someone could look up stuff online or watch a Jillian Michael’s dvd.  I thought someone could just start walking and get in shape.  And…you know what?!  Maybe they can.  However, this is taking me to a whole new level of fitness and I-LOVE-IT!

Love your fitness, results will follow

I would encourage all of you to get out of your exercise comfort zone.  Go to a new class at the gym.  Try a new workout you have wanted to try.  Try a CrossFit class.  Hell-spend a little bit of money and get a personal trainer.  It will transform your workouts and you just might start to love it!

What exercise have you been wanting to do but you are hesitant to try?


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  • Kris Beauregard

    Such a timely post! I am the same way, i have walked, but never really loved it. The only thing I found that I loved was kickboxing, but my kids’ dojo stopped having classes. I tried workout videos and did not care for them. But I needed to figure out a way to be active, so I am meeting with a personal trainer this weekend and i am SO excited!

  • Kelley Jeffers

    I have a personal trainer and I love her. I don’t dread the workouts, and I actually have fun. I’ve learned that my body can do things I never thought they could, and I realize that I would have not been able to find that out on my own. It’s also made me more confident in doing weight/resistance training by myself on nontrainer days. Keep up the good work!

  • Fiona Jesse Giffords

    Well i always prefer to workout alone ofcourse any partner encourages to do more. But as i started to do all the workouts alone at home am preferring more at home. And the most good thing is i never misses my workout.

  • Jane

    SO agree! Just started taking Body Pump Classes and Hot Yoga – SO fun to mix it up and get excited about working out again!

  • Frank

    That is so awesome Jennifer, keep up the great work! Frank

  • Jonathan Neal

    Love the positive attitude, Jennifer! As a trainer and weight loss coach I find it exciting to see people who are going about achieving their goals in the proper way. It is so important to shift the perspective of the mind into enjoying the process of exercise and good eating if one wants permanent results. Keep the kind of mindset you have here and you will be blown away by how you change!

  • Glenn Dickstein

    Good for you for putting the Type A stuff aside and allowing yourself to listen to the guidance of your new trainer. You will be successful!

  • abdoflow

    hi i like this way to love exercise but i have a strategy like this but better if want to see enter to my strategy page and if you want to get this just enter to the page plz and thanks

  • Elena

    I am working out with a trainer and its amazing. I could never work out from home. After 20 minutes or less i would be totally done with it. But going to gym has definitely made it easier for me. You see so many people working out there and it kind of adds a positive attitude in you regarding exercise. And a plus for me was that i would always say to myself that no matter what but i will never skip gym, be it a 10 minute session but never altogether miss it any day. Because there are days when i get lazy and think it wouldn’t harm if i miss gym one day. But it does. And the interesting part is once i go to gym i am filled with a sudden energy and end up doing all my routine workout