Color Me Rad Atlanta – Race Recap

On Saturday, my niece Haleigh, my sister Katherine, my husband Jason and myself all got up at the butt crack of dawn in order to participate in the Color Me Rad 5k.  We had a nice long hour drive to get to the race so we were up at 5:15 a.m.  See…butt crack of dawn!

Color Me Rad Atlanta Before

We were all really excited to do this race so it made getting up that early much more bear-able.  We all put on our new white t’s, our “Rad” tattoos, fun socks, and we were on our way.

A short hour later, we arrived at the Color Me Rad race!  It was at an International Horse Park out in the middle of nowhere.  This was good because there was LOTS of space!  Parking was easy (since we were there so early) and we were really close to all the festivities.

Color Me Rad Atlanta Jason and Jen

We parked, got our stuff together and we went to join in the pre-race fun.  We still had 45 minutes or so until our race time, 8:00 a.m.  We took some before pictures and I met up with the lady who won the giveaway, Linda and her daughter Sarah.  They drove all the way from Alabama to run!  They were so cute!  The race had not even started and they were already colorfied!

Color Me Rad Atlanta Before the Race

Before the race, they had an amazing DJ who was really quite entertaining.  They had contests where people could win bags of color to throw on one another before or during the race.  They had this lady dressed up like a bunny who was running around throwing color!

Color Me Rad Atlanta Color Line

There was color everywhere and the race had not started yet.  It was great!

At right around 8:00 a.m., they had all the 8:00 runners line up to start.

Color Me Rad Atlanta Race Truck

They sent us off in waves so that we would not trample one another on the course.  At about 8:10, we were off.  Haleigh and I stuck together because we were going to wog (walk/jog) the race while Katherine decided to just walk.

Let’s talk about the course for a minute.  Holy hard!  It was more like a trail run than a walk.  There were at least 3 major hills that we were climbing up and the entire thing was basically in the woods.  It-was-difficult!  I enjoyed it but that was the biggest complaint that I heard was that it was so hilly.  I don’t think people were expecting it!

There were color stations all along the course, for a total of around 5 color stations.  The color is just colored corn starch.  Well, except for the two liquid stations.  Not sure what that concoction is but it is cold and wet!  There was only one water station a little over half way through the course.  Oh…one bad thing was we had no idea how far we had gone.  There were no mile markers and the volunteers didn’t know how far along the course they were either.  Most people did not have Polars or Garmins on because they didn’t want them to get ruined.  We seriously had NO idea where we were along the race.  For a runner, that is not a good thing.

When we came out of the clearing and could hear the DJ, we knew it was a good thing…almost done!

Then, we saw Jason, my husband and loyal photographer and we just knew we were almost done.

Color Me Rad Atlanta Jen Being SIlly

Well, we had another quarter mile or so until the finish line but we made it!

Color Me Rad Atlanta Finish Line

At the finish line, we each got a bag of color, some water, and a Larabar.

Color Me Rad Atlanta After the Race

We went back around to the bend to wait for Katherine and we had saved our bags of color just for her!

Color Me Rad Atlanta ColorBomb

We got her good!

We walked the rest of the race with her and finished together!

Color Me Rad Atlanta After

It was a blast!  Even at the end people were throwing color, the DJ was still playing games with people and it was just a lot of fun!

Color Me Rad Atlanta Finish Line Group

We brought towels and sheets to sit on in the car so we wouldn’t get color on the seats.  We also took clothes to change into but there really wasn’t a place for that.  We all wore older sneakers that we didn’t mind getting ruined.  We took flip flops to change into after.

When we got home, it was so nice to take a shower and get the color off!  Luckily, with soap and a washcloth, the color came right off of our skin.  Also, I bleached my shirt and most of the color came out of it also!

The Color Me Rad race was well organized, fun and we are so thankful that we did it!

Have you ever participated in a Color run?  If so, what did you think of it?

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  • Shannon Tatlock

    I keep seeing all of these photos of Colour Runs and I am SO JEALOUS! I need to find one lose to me. NEED TO! Looks like a blast. Thanks for sharing!

    • Jennifer Swafford

      The Color Me Rad race is all over the US. Just go to their website and search for your location! Let me know if you decide to do one! You will love it!

  • Felicity

    So cool!

  • Sabrina P

    I signed up for one in August. Then I found out I was going to be on a missions trip at the same time..oh well, maybe next year?

    • Jennifer Swafford

      Next year…You can do it! Where are you going on your missions trip? I went on three or four growing up!

      • Sabrina P

        I am going to El Salvador. I am 31 and this is the first time I have EVER been on a mission trip AND the first time leaving the country!!! Totally excited and nervous…I hear the food is delicious so I am glad that I will be doing a lot of manual labor to work it off!

  • Laura SB

    I have never done one and my comment is about you not your run. My good heck lady! Look a the muscles in your legs!!! I want those! Promise me I can have them if I keep working out, k? ;-)

    • Jennifer Swafford

      Laura–you made me LOL! I can’t promise that you will have legs like mine (Most of mine are genetic!) but I do promise if you keep working out, you will have better legs than you do now! My leg muscles have not been that prominent since doing Crossfit! You are sweet! Thank you for your comment!

  • Angela@Honey I Shrunk the Mom

    My family is participating in a Color Run on Saturday (this will be our second one). Looking forward to it! Your pics are making me excited! :)

    • Jennifer Swafford

      HAVE FUN! You will love it!

  • Karen H.

    Thanks for the race recap and all the pics. I’ve been wanting to do a Color Run, Color Me Rad and Electric Run since I learned about them a few months ago. I may try to do one this year, but definitely I’m planning to do a bunch of fun races like these. Congrats to you, Katherine and Haleigh! :-)