Your Body is not Amazon Prime – Weekly Weigh In

1-7-19 weekly weigh in

So I saw this quote the other day and I had to share. I don't know about you but over the holidays I used Amazon Prime like crazy.  It made … Continue reading >>

January 2019 – Goals

It's a new month.  It's a new year.  It's time for some goal setting. If any of you have been with me for a while you know I'm all about setting … Continue reading >>

Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year - 2019

Happy New Year! Yes, it's been a while.  Too long...  I hope to start my blog back up now that I am "used to" being a mom.  And I have like 100 … Continue reading >>

Eat Real Food – Weekly Weigh in

Weekly Weigh In April 28 2018

You know when I start weekly weigh ins again, I'm back.  Let me cut straight to the chase: I lost 4 pounds.  YAHOO!!!!!!! So, there are a … Continue reading >>

Failure Leads to Success

Failure is Success in Progress

So, I failed.  It happens.  I was talking to my mom the other day and she reminded me that failure is not truly "failing."  It is a cornerstone to … Continue reading >>

I Failed

Failure is a Bruise, Not a Tattoo

I Have Failed... I have gained weight. I have gained most of my weight back that I lost.  It's embarrassing.  I don't like to fail. I have … Continue reading >>

Slippery Slope

Slippery Slope

This weight loss thing is a slippery slope.  Have you ever tried to climb up a hill with ice or snow or wet grass?  You get going, very carefully and … Continue reading >>

What are You Waiting For??? – Weekly Weigh In

February 20, 2017 weekly weigh in

I know I just did a weigh in post but I am trying to get caught up and report my weigh in's by Wednesday so here is another one.  This week was good. … Continue reading >>

Better than a Weight Watcher Meeting – Weekly Weigh In

10 pounds gone

Oops...three weeks has gone by and I haven't updated you on my weekly weigh ins.  Normally that would mean things haven't been going so well. … Continue reading >>

Tragedy Sucks – Weekly Weigh In

January 23, 2017 Weekly Weigh In

I am at a loss for words tonight.  I have actually been sitting here for over 30 minutes wasting time online because I didn't really know what to call … Continue reading >>